Hello Friends,
I wanted to tell you what a special treat
it is for me to show you who we are and
what we do. I love working with my
customers and writers.
God Bless All Of You for Your Support!
We create, design, print and publish everything  
from Business Cards to Novels. We work with    
writers who are self-publishing and helping         
them get their wonderful book out to the public   
with our marketing plans. Sales are booming      
for our writers. Join us!
I have owned Garden of Eden Farm, 20 acres, for 10
years. We bought it to retire, but things changed. I moved
from Houston to Malta alone and started over. I created
Shari Parker Publishing and Printing in 2007. Since then
it has been a fast ride. I started publishing cookbooks for
local businesses, churches and organizations. Then I
added the printing division and do all the business
printing for The Citizens Tribune and other clients. In then
added publishing. Presently we have 41 writers in our
Shari Parker Publishing House family
have 73 titles in the
God has blessed us so much!
Shari Parker
Publishing and Printing
2785 County Road 3103
New Boston, Texas 75570
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and Kindle.com
We are so pleased to
announce Editing
Services for all
authors. We will edit
your book for $2.50
per page. I have
been editing for 30
years And do all the
editing for all our
novels and
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Congratulations to Larry D. Black. Larry's creation of the
Scroggins Family 9 & 10  book series is now for sale.   Wow!!
Just read one book and you will be hooked. Family, love,
action, "edge of your seat" suspense, murder, struggles,
success and family values. His books are on Amazon  week
for $15.00 each and are now available through Larry D. Black
@ 903-588-4253, or from our publishing house, 903-933-6273.
Welcome to the Family!! Larry lives in Northeast Texas and
lives near Blodgett, Texas. He and his wife, Martha, own
Little Creek Farms, Boer Goat Farm.
Rock and A Hard Place by Deanna
Klingel, released March 2014.
Historical events become
personal when told by those who
were part of the events. This true
story, walking a narrow balance
between history and romance, is
their country. Born in 1930, they

in prosperous Lithuania. All that in prosperous Lithuania. All that
changes for them at age nine with changes for them at age nine with
the invasion of Russia. What does
that mean for Roman Catholic
families? What does it mean for
Purchase on Amazon.com &
Of Times Gone By, by Allan Smith will
be released in April 2014
The Wright Family Saga, by Floyd Rumbaugh, is a fictional tale of a family’s triumphs and struggles
as it comes to America. Released March, 21014
The story is divided into three parts.
•        Journeys to America 1762 – The life of William Edward Wright is chronicled from his birth in
London, England to his death. It features maritime battles with pirates and slavers as well as the
friends and lovers that he meets along the way.
•        Graveyard Dead 1832 – The Wright family continues in Virginia, Colorado and Cuba. There are
gunfights on the Texas frontier, Civil War action and Indian raids in Colorado.
•        Campfire Angel 1867 – Time marches on; sometimes leading and sometimes stepping on the
Wright family survivors. Exploration of the family’s history and their Rocky Mountain home are
As a pastor's wife for more than thirty-five years, Paula has been aware of sad and defeated
Christian ladies! Whether they were married, single, widowed, ministry wives, they hadn't really
discovered how much is available to them in Christ!
It is a sad thing when Christian women make time for everything under the sun, except for what
their hearts really long for! They become bitter and frustrated with their mates, and life in general!
They 'Fight and war; yet they have not because they ask not…'
And they don't ask for more because they don't realize the wealth available to them in Christ!
For this reason, Paula has a burden to share with women who they can be, what they can do, and
where they can soar~in Christ!
You won't want to miss her Prayer and Praise Journal!
Release date April , 2014
Dr. Jerry Hopskin's book  A  Growing Adventure is A History of Clever Creek Baptist Church.
Clever Creek Baptist Church’s history is about individuals, families and a community.  It is people
and their stories.  The church is more than just a human organization or institution.  It is an
institution of sorts, but it is far more than just a formal, duly-constituted, registered institution. The
church is not just one person.  The church is not just a human institution or organization.  The
church is a living body, an organic entity, manifesting the presence and power of the Living God
through the living individuals who make up its being.  It is available on Amazon and Kindle.
Ellie Taylor is a Impressionist Colorist with 30 + years experience. Her paintings are in
galleries all over the country. She loves to hold workshops and tell stories while she paints a
finished painting in 30 minutes. She is a bundle of joy and so sweet. We are so pleased to be
working with her on her first table top book. It is 152 of her original paintings of Texas. The title
Celebration of Texas. Each painting is amazing and the detail is incredible. Her book will be
released in April 2014. It will be available on Amazon.com.